Strange, Too. (filleconcrete) wrote,
Strange, Too.

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...make it safe and clean.

Freshly bathed, clean and soft. My mind is much clearer, seemingly cleaned along with my body.

It occurs to me that I am not apathetic at all-- this sensation is actually pleasant. It's calm and collected knowledge, and the type that comes only with age. It's a weird sort of emotional maturity. It's sitting here relaxed, knowing with absolute certainty that this will pass, just like everything else. It's the very recent and enlightening knowledge that anyone that doesn't care about you isn't worth caring about. It's knowing that being polite and kind in all real-life endeavours never hurts and will indeed get you far. It's waiting before speaking or reacting.

I never thought I could describe myself as "calm" following such a turbulent life full of squalling and intense emotions. But I am, and it's nice.
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