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Happiest Girl / Catching up with Depeche Mode.

I look crazy here because I totally fucking was. My arm is grotesquely elephantine. But aside from eye and arm malfunctions, this is the best photo of all time:




So I'm tired and this is brief. I'll write more tomorrow. Highlights:

-Fletch is in love with me.
-He made me sit in his VIP booth and made me drink his drinks.
-Depeche Mode fans, particularly fat lesbians with badly bleached hair, are horrifically rude when you get any attention from anyone in the band.
-I only got anything, including my fleeting moment with Martin, because of that faggoty hat.
-Said faggoty hat provoked Fletch into telling me stories about his childhood.
-Fletch told me where they're recording the new album and invited me down(sorry, can't tell ANYONE, but I'll post pics if/when anything happens).
-Fletch claims Martin hasn't had a drink in 3 years.
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