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Happiest Girl / Catching up with Depeche Mode.

I look crazy here because I totally fucking was. My arm is grotesquely elephantine. But aside from eye and arm malfunctions, this is the best photo of all time:




So I'm tired and this is brief. I'll write more tomorrow. Highlights:

-Fletch is in love with me.
-He made me sit in his VIP booth and made me drink his drinks.
-Depeche Mode fans, particularly fat lesbians with badly bleached hair, are horrifically rude when you get any attention from anyone in the band.
-I only got anything, including my fleeting moment with Martin, because of that faggoty hat.
-Said faggoty hat provoked Fletch into telling me stories about his childhood.
-Fletch told me where they're recording the new album and invited me down(sorry, can't tell ANYONE, but I'll post pics if/when anything happens).
-Fletch claims Martin hasn't had a drink in 3 years.
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Pictorial evidence argues with Fletch's last statement.
I know. Hence "claims". Please, we all know Marty still drinks. I gave him a look and he says "WOT?!" totally taking the piss out of me.
Yeah, Fletch has got a track record with teh ladehs.

Also, don't they record in the same three places every year?
Don't know about that, but my info is supposed to be ULTRA(har har) classified. He hinted very heavily that if I jabbered, my VIP table sitting privileges were over, haha.

He also kinda flicked his hand when they were walking by, raised his brow like "aren't you coming?" after Martin took the photo with me. I just raised my hand in return in a "no" sort of way, shook my head, and smiled, and he raised his arm.

Next time. Can't impose too much at once. I made sure he'll remember me. I WILL have my drink with Marty one day if I'm tactful. But honestly, the night did go better than I could've imagined, even though mentioned fat angry lesbian brigade tried to ruin it for me.
Woot! Well....its a CUTE faggoty hat!

Want more details on the lesbian brigade! I suppose that was me [at least in looks (overweight with badly bleached hair) and (sorta) in sexual orientation when I first was into DM, but I would never be rude to anyone just because they were getting attention! ;-P]

Ugh. I only made rude comments about their appearance because they were so retardedly rude to me. I wanted to cry at some point. Obviously I've got the chub thing going on, myself(and had badly bleached skunk hair for most of 2006). Insulting their looks was a futile attempt at "revenge". I'm not quite that judgy judgy.

I actually don't want to talk about it so much. It was such a sour point in my night :\
Also.....was that the book I sent you? Yay!!!!

And....I know how short Martin must be pixie-sized! *jealous! ;-P*

Yes'm, that's the book :D

I'm 5 foot 4 and I was in flats. Before someone bumped into Fletch, causing drink spillage, I was in 3 inch red satin heels. They were doused in Fletch's wine and I was like "NOOO!!!" and leaned on Fletch to change into the flats in my bag.

I was too busy freaking the fuck out over Martin to look at his shoes, but I had this feeling he was taller than he should be(probably in creepers, fizeau below says he wears 'em). After the picture, he squeezed my waist and I died a little.
Well, you got one more than me, I just met Martin, Fletch wasn't there. But I'll win when I meet Dave before you do. Man, I sound so gay.
Anyhow, congrats. And between the two of us, I think we know at least two locations they are recording.
I have Dave's address and he lives near my stomping grounds, so probably not likely. Bwaha.