Strange, Too. (filleconcrete) wrote,
Strange, Too.

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She was... an American Girl.

Sometimes I forget that I was an asshole when I was younger.

Thank goodness I have LiveJournal to remind me.

Man, being a recluse certainly tampered with my firey little brain quite a bit. To think I used to be excited by drink and drugs and, worst of all, fucking for the sake of fucking. Vapid, clueless, and primitive to be polite. I won't launch into any new set of colorful adjectives. But I'm increasingly grateful that I chose life.

I've likened youth to madness many times over the last several years(a little nod to my idol, Stephen King). To my chagrin, mine's fading fast. Although on this topic, whether I mean the youth part or the madness part is uncertain.

After all... for all I've changed, I'm still myself.
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