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Even on my best behaviour, I am a what Brian calls a "psycho-magnet".

Especially on my best behaviour, I am a psycho-magnet.

Oddly, this is a strengthening tonic on my own sanity. I've learned to absorb such matter and use it to make various repairs on my naturally poor structure. And in the end...

I am rewarded with finally attracting real, good, nice people who actually like me. I have friends everywhere I go. This is an amazing reward, and quite possibly the best I could think of.

Now if only I could adequately program it into my databank not to be so hurt or traumatised by the harsh encounters, even if just initially. If I could just remember and utilise this sage advice, maybe I'd function even better.

Friday was insane, but most importantly I had plenty of quality time in the arms of my good and beautiful friends, drunk and happy and not worried about a single thing.
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